Life doesn’t have to be a game where some lose so that others can win. Everybody stands to gain if we work together.

Another brilliant article by Richard....

It’s time that we stopped thinking about the human race in a competitive way. 
We may be known as a race, but we really should be a team. Instead of regarding each other as rivals, we should embrace each other as allies. 

After all, we’re all in this together.

Virgin Life - a day on Necker Island

Richard Says:

"People often ask how I spend my time on Necker Island - here's a film that gives you a glimpse into a day on Necker. From playing tennis to working from home, seeing the lemurs to kite-surfing , join us for a taste of island life.

I've never had a desk in an office since I was a teenager. I prefer to work in a hammock, on a sofa or even in a bath. Now that's flexible working!

It's critical to get the balance between work and play right. Find time for yourself; work hard but also play hard. I think people work more effectively when they are given the freedom to make their own decisions -- that is definitely something we practice on Necker.

I've embraced the social media revolution, and do a lot of posting from Necker Island (including this video!) You can be instantly connected to fascinating people everywhere -- even if you're in a remote corner of the world.

From The Elders to The Carbon War Room, Virgin Galactic to The B Team, Necker is a great place to think and a great place to conceive ideas. Take a look at where we get our inspiration. Where do you find yours?"

To-do lists are only useful if you DO them

There has been lots of debate recently about the usefulness of to-do lists, so I put it on my to-do list to jot down my own thoughts of the matter.

I can confidently state that our culture of notes and thoughtful to-do lists has made Virgin what it is today.